Let Me Introduce myself

Who I am


I am a versatile writer native to the Silicon Valley and San Francisco Bay Area in California but now live in Chicago. My gender pronouns are she/her/hers. 


I have had a diverse array of personal and professional experiences, which have strengthened my ability to support people, businesses, and organizations with compelling content that is relevant, engaging, and visionary




I have a degree in Product Development from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, which has informed my unique approach to understanding market demographics. I enjoy the art and science of anticipating demand and forecasting trends, as well as implementing innovative strategies for maintaining brand relevance through quality content. 


My education also included advanced coursework in Philosophy and Creative Writing at Stanford University and the California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo. 

My approach to content, engagement, and conversion

I am driven by the power of words and believe that how you communicate is equally as important as what you’re saying. Messaging and intent can be lost on the reader if your own motivations eclipse their interests and needs: to create compelling content, you must stand firm in your convictions while reaching out with empathy, awareness, intelligence, and integrity


Successful engagement requires relevant content that demonstrates equality of awareness for both your audience and your mission: you want them to be a part of your identity and growth. The connection with your market must be genuine, but you can still achieve the goal of relevance by utilizing both innovative information technology and human awareness of strategy. 


Your brand voice must be consistent, relatable, and sincere to earn the reader’s trust and engage them long-term. 


Forge relationships with your readers by speaking to their experience and what they identify with. Your most successful marketing will occur when you know who relates to your brand, why they align with your mission, and where they are coming from as individuals. I am here to help you find your tribe and create content that treats your followers, readers, and customers like the intelligent people they are.


Ultimately, people are not solely consumers. They are the sum of their challenges, interests, passions, emotions, and needs. Let's meet them as a team and build a more collaborative world together.

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